My subtitle….

As I try to vent all the emotions that have shaken me around like a battle rattle the last 8 months with my son’s new onset of illness…

Having a sick, maybe disabled, potentially mentally troubled child, I find myself in one of my nights of sadness, questioning how so many can think I’m so strong when I want to quit so bad.

Turns out there is no 2 week notice or resignation from illness.  Even mental illness, or as I selfishly want to say, ESPecially mental illness.

So in this rough night, I go to my library of self help books to try to encourage myself yet again, that, of course I can do this.

I find a book that I bought at a garage sale one day for decoration…I just liked the look and title (judging  a book by it’s cover is just what we do).

It’s called MOM! You’re Incredible! by Linda Weber.

I simply browse the chapters to see where I want to skim and one says, “Did you say JUST a mother?”

I blow my nose and decide I need to vent on my blog…if not for any other mom out there, for my self right this moment and for myself when I need to come back to an encouraging read.

I am not just a mother…neither are you!  We have the highest calling, most demanding job, most up and down world ever!

Many many financial people have tried to put a dollar figure on the job of a mother and none ever come out exactly alike, but are all much more than any pay check that has ever been delivered to my account.

Interesting; how we can hear things over and over in life, but God can lead us right back to that when we need to feel Him and know He is still holding our hand, or like tonight, just holding me.

When I opened up my blog that I have not used consistantly in years, I find a subtitle that I don’t even remember writing…

“Just a PTA mom’s ….blah blah…”

I wrote that!!!! I’m ashamed…I was so lucky to be just a PTA MOM!

This chic tries hard and often not to take things forgranted or forget how incredibly blessed I am.  I hate that I ever called it that, yet I will not change it.  I’m not sure I’m over feeling that way.

To be honest, I dream of being a successful woman, thin, healthy, fun, and someone who my children want to be like…sometimes I am torn about whether that is “just a PTA mom” or someone who can actually give them a nicer place to live one day.

Oddly enough, what brings this full circle as to why I picked up this computer tonight, is still that chapter 3…about  JUST a mom…

At my Mary Kay meeting tonight, we had group of women that are at New Director Training this week at corporate, which is here in Dallas.  So our directors had them visit and have a Q and A session for us JUST consultants 🙂

There were 7 women up there.  All of which have moved up in the career path of Mary Kay to just where I would love to be sitting soon, so I listened intently.

All of them were mothers…all different ages.  When they were asked what they did before their blood ran so PINK, they had awesome answers and I was impressed that such professional woman would need the business that I need to be successful and make their time and money work for them…

There was a pharmacist, two CPAs, a teacher, and one even was some kind of scientist that did research for cloning and DNA…crazy cool…We all ooed  and awed.  As the night went by and  they talked more, all but one of those 7 woman basically talked about finding MK after being a stay at home mom.  There was a greater need and desire for it.  Makes perfect sense and happens all the time…ultimately why Mary Kay Ash, the woman, created the company.

I say all this to remind you that when asked what their profession was, not one of them said that before they sold MK they were  a stay at home mom.  But they were.

I am JUST a mom, that sells some skin care to some awesome customers.

Maybe one day, I’ll be a teacher again.

But even if I do, I still just want to be mom.  I’ll teach or sell make up or whatever when I can.

I will not take the job that God has given me lightly.  And I have to tell Him, that I’m sorry if I have.

He has entrusted me with three.  I don’t know how many you have or want to have.

He has obviously considered me capable and strong enough to handle them, their challenges and their illnesses.

Even on the toughest days, I am a mother.  Not just a mom.

It is what defines me.


One thought on “My subtitle….

  1. I love your posts! I’ve only read a few of them though, you sound a LOT more optimistic than my mom (I actually have a short post mostly focused on my parents called “what I’ve learned”) I just feel your blog is very honest, but happy, and that’s what I enjoy about it.

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