Facebook, Mary Kay, and Observations

I love my job…well, one of my jobs is my favorite.  I sell Mary Kay.  I have for years.

Every Tuesday night for a million years we have had trainings, parties, “get togethers”, facials, whatever we want to call them.  We learn, we play make up and sometimes we laugh until we cry.

Tonight I’m in a room full of Mary Kay women, some brand new to the company, some have been here so long, their fake eye lashes are falling off.  We were instructed to bring our laptops for training if we had one.  We have so much information available to us on our consultant website, we could take over the world with just what is available about marketing and business and cosmetics in the pink world. BUT>>>>>

We have, like in any company, a range of computer skills, and motivations levels using this digital zone the web world has to offer us pink ladies.

So, even though there is no way to really share with you how incredibly funny this is tonight I would like to try.

We have our director that is training us tonight.  Now this woman has earned some serious ranking in Mary Kay land, drives a free car with paid insurance and wears one of  the most fabulous director suits we have had in some time.  She has earned every bonus available on her way to directorship and is smiling appropriately from her successes.  BUT….

She is telling us how to “share” things on facebook, while asking what facebook is and what “tweeter” is and if anyone has ever heard of Plaxo…

It’s just cute, I’m not making fun of this super star…no way.

And then you have the consultants in the room that spend all their time on facebook and never sell make up, but can answer all her questions…

It’s becoming painfully obvious that social networking could be a problem in marketing as much as a help…

Just another one of my simple people watcher observations.

FYI…director lady…she bought a book today on how to use facebook to market your business…

Serioulsly, ladies? Let’s balance it out.

;0)  Then there is me, typing when I’m supposed to be supporting my friends 🙂

see ya …d


One thought on “Facebook, Mary Kay, and Observations

  1. Interesting Blog Ms. D. I enjoyed it. I also wanted to say Thank You for sitting by me at the skating rink…….I was wondering if you would be there.

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