Late Because of Daylight Savings Time…

It’s been since Christmas, yes, but last night it was daylight savings time.  So I googled “iphone daylight savings” to see if my phone would change automatically.

I suspected it might, but wanted to check.

I found a yahoo Q&A forum from the fall where some idiot seriously typed out the question to Apple much as I did, but then proceeded to tell them how important it was for his PHONE alarm to go off because he had a job.  AND how important it was that he be on time for his JOB.

I could not resist getting up this morning and typing one giant, great big, REALLY????

Come on people…there are still $5. alarm clocks and you can set them before you go to bed…

I was cracking up…seriously.

That’s all for now.  I had to get that off my chest…really 🙂



One thought on “Late Because of Daylight Savings Time…

  1. I had to get Caleb to the airport by 7 a.m. (20 minute drive). So I set my iPhone alarm and two clock alarms. Did they wake me? No, five minutes before, the city called for Kenny–something about a burglar. Stubbornly, I laid there until they went off.

    And to the guy from the entitlement generation—REALLY? Maybe you can call your mom.

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