Something About Hustle and Bustle…

That’s in a Christmas Carol…right…

And I’m with Kathy, I have failed miserably, the challenge, but I’m no quitter 🙂  While the Northerners are snowed in, I ran my tooshie off yesterday and still have not done my own Christmas shopping.  I’m nothing if not a procrastinator and from my college grades you can tell that I actually work well under pressure.  I think that’s why God gave me three kids…I really haven’t figured that one out yet, for sure.

So Saturday we have Girl Scouts, so I incorporated them into my Adopt a Grandparent Plan for the nursing home I adopted here in Garland.  My girls also had two play practices and their big program last night.

We toured the police station with one of the girls dad’s.  He showed the kids the holding cells for the juveniles and that was something that every kid should see.  The looks on their faces were priceless.

So then we take the startled little ones to the Nursing Home to deliver goodies…much lighter note 🙂

They were terrific!!!

140 bags of hand lotions wrapped and tagged with sponsorships from businesses and some of my customers and friends!

They were so sweet…

My Laci came running down one hall at one point screaming, “that lady just kissed me!”, but she was grinning from ear to ear!

It made all the packaging and ordering worth it!

Then off to play practice again and the program last night…and today I start getting ready for Christmas and PLEASE don’t remind me how close it is 😉

                              Tyler was very sick…he missed alot of the action and pictures…I’m sad about that. But he got in one family shot…at the program…

Merry Christmas, my bloggy friends…

I’m going to go act like it’s really coming now!



One thought on “Something About Hustle and Bustle…

  1. oh, daina, this is just wonderful! you and your kids just blessed a whole residence of the “young at heart” — love it, love it, love it!

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