O Come All Ye Faithful…

Me/Amy and our boys..

Seriously, I’m blogging. I know I completely bombed the challenge and I have to tell you that reading everyone else’s blogs has been the highlight of this!  Seeing my friends lives from afar and what’s going on makes me feel closer to you all at Christmas…I get it…I get the spirit and warm cozy feelings…YAY, us!

So today, I write to tell you about a couple of friends…

I’m going thru a “tough” time and I’m discovering so much about friends.  Mostly good, some harsh.  All life lessons in this chapter book of life.

Amy, my longest and dearest friend from high school…She wrote about my kids one day on her blog…and it was at a time when I felt like I was burdening her with my children because I needed childcare.  We should not always assume that our friends HELPING us is a burden, but mother’s do that OH so naturally.  She not only kept my kids, but made some sweet memories with them and then gave me pictures and the story on top of it all.  She’s fabulous for so many reasons, but I wanted to send a kiss to her today for that. 

Amy is over there on that blog roll, in case I can’t figure out the link things 🙂 I’m still learning this wordpress stuff.

Elizabeth…oh dear me, Elizabeth.  She is the bestie that I have here in town that has been BLESSED to have to be right by side through all this “junk” and WOW.  I have to tell you I’m so grateful for her, also!

Elizabeth is my drug dealer…don’t get excited….my drug of choice is COFFEE.  It has always been a habit, but lately, a survival tool.  She bought me a sign for Christmas that says “Jesus…Coffee…Texas A&M”  So there are my priorities summed up on a plaque in my kitchen.  If  Mary Kay was on it, my life would be completely covered there. 🙂  And I keep it by my coffee pot to remember to keep Jesus first in this coffee season of my life 🙂

It’s not just coffee, either.  She has to grind that stuff at Central Market everytime she goes and it’s called Taste of San Antonio.  Awesome. That’s all, awesome.

My church friends (some I didn’t realize I had already made at our new church), my PTA buddies at school, my kids teachers, my Mary Kay sister family, and so many others have been a bright shining light to me  in a rather dark time and I feel so blessed I could pop.

Romans 8:31

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

I dare not even mention my sister or family (for the need of tissue) and how understanding and caring they have been.  Truely God gives us siblings to have forever for a reason. 

Ladd Siblings 🙂

My sister is by far, the best friend in the world, and NO it wasn’t always that way 🙂 But God knew it would be and He put her here for me.  That’s what I think.  Stuart thinks it was for him…teeheee.  My brother has been amazing, too.  I’m a grateful sibling.  I have even made friends with some of Kathy’s friends and I’m so glad she shared!

So this is nothing more than I good ol’ fashion shout out to friends and family over the holidays.  I could never have enough money to thank you with gifts, but I pray my life and my actions bless you back!  I’m a grateful friend.  I have learned to ask  for help when I need it and say no to volunteer things that make me a crazy mom 🙂  I’m learning and growing through this time and I do know that God will bless my friends for me until I can again.  He holds my hand and heart everyday and I do not understand how people survive the tough times without the hope that I have in Christ.  I know He set all this up so that these people would be in my life, “for such a time as this”.

I must mention that this is also a promise in the Bible of reaping and sowing.  I have put years and tons of time and effort into making and having friends and always will.  There are good times and bad in friendships and you have to be willing to take both to keep friends :).

Merry Christmas…just a few more days away.  Count your blessings, not gifts.



3 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Faithful…

  1. oh, daina, definitely definitely worth the wait for this blog . . . what a loving tribute to those you love. and i’m sure they would all the same of you! 😉

  2. First- we have got to do something about that picture. If that is the latest picture that we have of the four of us, then there is something wrong! How can that be?! LOL!

    And, thanks for all of the kind words. You guys are all such a blessing in my life! For fear of ruining my makeup and running my mascara all down my face while I’m at the office, I’ll stop there and not write a lengthy monologue about how great you are too. Oh, this is starting to look a little lengthy anyway. 🙂

    You’re the best! Love you too!

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