Baby It’s Cold Outside…

BUT…JACK is warm.

Children’s Medical Center in Dallas has a 12 year old on the news tonight that captured my heart and probably thousands of others…

His name is Jack and we have a connection because we both love Snuggies.

He just has a REAL reason.  He has cancer, so when he is getting treatments and is cold, he can still keep his hands outside the blanket and play video games.

Well, I have a 12 year old, so I know if you can distract them from the negative, they will be better off.  I cannot imagine my baby in that chair at the hospital and what that must be like.

But that’s not even the story.  He loves his Snuggie so much, he went on a mission to get all the other cancer kiddos at the hospital Snuggies.  His school mates back at school raised money and the Snuggie company has donated 100 to kick it off there at the hospital!

TEARS…YANK.  Heart Strings…PULL.

Besides me having a 12 year old, I just ran out last week while MY MOM was in the hospital and grabbed her a Snuggie so that when she sat in the chair there, so could do stuff with her hands.  It is pretty, fun, really.  How do I know? Well, of course I tried it out and played in it while she was in the bed and secretly hoped that she would NOT like it, but she did and I’m glad (stop laughing, I”m happy for her).

So…all this to say…if you go to

and search : snuggie (creative, right), you too can help Jack buy more snuggies for Children’s Medical Center.  I’m in. Ha.  Good times.

Gig em, Jack. Snuggle Up, Play Wii, and Get Better Baby Boy!


swear…it’s still decebmer 9th…10:43 pm 🙂 I know what time it is in Maryland…uggggg….night night, sister!


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