Jingle Bells…

Seriously, this will be short.

I have a dog…

His name is Pyper.  I’m not a dog person. Wait, I wasn’t a dog person, until  I got one for my mom for Christmas a few years ago.  I named that little nutty dog Maggie and she was fabulous.  Mom kept her for a few months and came to visit me and left that dog here.  She decided we were going to have joint custody of sweet Maggie because Maggie a little too spirited for Mom.  Through joint custody, I found the love/hate relationship that most new dog owners develop with their new dogs that tingle frequently and chew things up.

So on one of Mom’s longer custody battles, I thought Maggie was going to stay in Beaumont with mom and found myself actually missing the nutty pup.  So in May that year,  I snuck off to the pound by myself one day and low and behold there was a fuzzy little dog there that wanted to come home with me.  His name was (and still is Pyper).  Two months later, my mom started most of her ins and outs of the hospitals and Maggie, the nutty dog, came to live with me.

I’m not a dog person, therefore, I’m really not a TWO dog person.  So a I convinced my friend’s 5 kids that they loved either one of my dogs and let them pick one.  They picked Maggie and off she went…bouncy trouncy to her new home.

That was almost 4 years ago.  WHY am I writing this in my Christmas blog? Because I forgot to tell those 5 kids that they wanted the dog that required GROOMING!

I thought it was no big deal…a few haircuts.  This P-dog needs professional help that costs close to my haircare! REALLY?

SO…last week, I make the mistake of bringing my kids to pick up precious Pyper-Dog from the Dog House (Groomer) 🙂 and they have MORE things you can buy there.

So as a confession this dark, LATE, holiday night, I’m writing to tell you that I haven’t shopped for my kid’s presents yet, but my adorable, white, handsome, west highlander terrior mix has jingle bells around his neck for only a mere 4.98 more than that arm and leg hair cut they just gave him.

God Bless All of You ( and me) in marketing in sales this holiday season…

As Tyler, my son, said, as I paid an extra .80 for the shiny, beautiful, eye catching box of PUFFS last night, “YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED…”

🙂 Goodnight to all…day 2…HA! phew! 11:37 in Texas…


3 thoughts on “Jingle Bells…

  1. omg…this blog is managed in the evil north somewhere…it’s dated wrong…I promise I finished before midnight in TEXAS…I refuse to wave the white flag 🙂 heeheee

  2. If Pyper didn’t look so stinkin’ funny with no hair, I’d recommend you shave him. But, I’ve seen him naked before. It’s just not cute. He needs his little fur ball. 🙂

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