Not a Creature is Stirring…

Ok…First of all, I know that’s not actually the name of a Christmas Carol, but if no one complains, I would like to claim it.

I also wasn’t sure if in the challenge to blog in Christmas Carol titles over the next 13 days if it had to be actual Christmas topics or if I could rant.  AS you may have realized from previous blogs or simply knowing me, I rant.

So, I have three kids… FACT.

All three are now in the wonderous (love/hate) years of public childcare that we affectionately call, Public Education.  So weekday mornings are full of  increasing mother tones around the house until the climatic drop off in the car pool lane around the first bell and “walk fast, but don’t run in the hall” speech!

But I have to ask, as other parents might, why it happens that when they are infants and toddlers they  are awake before any semblence of sunlight and ready  for the day.

Plus, on any given Saturday or Sunday morning, I come out of  my room to them playing video games, trying to pour cereal, getting dressed to sneak out to the swingset and such. WHAT? You can do all this by yourself?

There seems to be some kind of weekday handicap, special needs that kicks in and I don’t think I have a complete understanding of how it got here.

I might add, that technically, as a mother with a degree…I actually do know that children are trained and I “guess” maybe some of this is my fault, but REALLY??? All of it??? I just don’t get it…that’s all.

I’m a morning person and love the really really quiet time in the morning with my bible, coffee, laundry, computer and all the other things I get done while NOT A CREATURE IS STIRRING 🙂 

Merry Christmas…

Oops...I took a nap!


3 thoughts on “Not a Creature is Stirring…

  1. hilarious, daina! and SO true! it’s like of like, “mommy, i’m so full . . . do i have to finish my dinner? oh, but can i have a cookie for dessert?” (1) i think it can be any line from a Christmas song, so your title wins! (2) yes, i’m all about the rant. and (3) i wish you many, many quiet moments this Christmastime — with and without your 3 precious little ones!

  2. So this is what I have to look forward to? Might be a good idea to put their locking door knob on backwards and then they will have to wait for you to get up. Wait, is that mean?

    Glad to see you are back in the blogging business. 🙂

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