Just a Tip

Chris Garza…Here I go again…some soap boxes are worth standing on…

I have to tell you what I saw yesterday and it went right along with you asking for another Ladd sister blog, so I dedicate this to all the hard workers out there asking for tips and POOR Chris Garza at Market Basket in 1998 who didn’t get one for carrying my groceries…AND CAN’T let it go 🙂

When I met Christopher he was a friend of my sisters in HS in Beaumont and I had just moved there from Maine.  My husband and I had just made an irrational hormonal (on my part) decision after having our first baby to leave every job security and come back to Texas to be close to family.  Chris was this great sacker at Market Basket where I carefully figured how much I could buy every week, as most stay at home moms do when they go to the grocery store.

On my way out, Chris offered to help me with my groceries and I offered to give him my opinion on tipping which has forever been embedded into our friendship.  There is a TIP expection that comes along with accepting help to your car for loading, but the store plainly says that these sweet young men do not accept them…BS.  So I just let him know that I appreciate help, but was not inclined to give him a tip.

Now, you should know, that I have a profound skill for voicing my opinion at the wrong time to the wrong people and this was obviously one of them…he has not forgotten his tipless help to the car and I have not forgotten the nickname he gave me when he told Kathy he met her sister at the store 🙂

I do not pride myself in the amount of apologies that I offer on a weekly basis sometimes, but only that I see that sometimes they are neccesary and do them…so again, Chris…I’m sorry…and again, not for NOT TIPPING YOU:) but for mentioning my opinion on it…NOT SMART>>>OK??

BUT>>>> I’m led to this from a little clear Dixie Cup on the counter yesterday marked clearly “TIPS”.  and it brings me to my favorite question in life….


I know you have all seen it and been there…You are paying a small fortune for a good cup of coffee and these adorable, helpful people are making that coffee for you for only 4 dollars.  So you stare at this TIP CUP and wonder…REALLY???

I get the Sonic “expectation”, and I totally get the waiting tables thing…when you bring me food…and you have helped feed my kids and serve and clean up dinner…by God, you are getting a TIP from me…but coffee or a diet coke? REALLY?

Brings me back to this…what did I pay for to begin with ?

Take this for a TIP…make a nice TIP JAR…not a ghetto dixie cup…

I do not put a TIP jar on my desk when I teach school…Firemen don’t leave a TIP jar at the scene of an accident…I do not have a TIP MAKE UP BAG at my skin care classes or parties for Mary Kay…and I have yet to see my hard working…ass busting father stick a TIP jar on his desk after working in the 100 degree heat welding or planning a scrapmetal purchase for anyone…

That’s my big “REALLY” for the day…the next one will revolve around two things…

1. The flyer at that coffee shop offering to take care of my pets after the RAPTURE for a small deposit … (seriously)

or 2. The lady that came door to door selling something the other day and it was 103…tell me she doesn’t need to sell Mary Kay! GEEZ …

Have a good day and leave someone a tip…or save your tip and give it to someone who doesn’t EXPECT anything of you …like the people in the drivethru behind you at Mcdonalds…and don’t you dare act like no one goes to McDonalds. Some one is always there and everyone says they don’t eat there. Digress.


5 thoughts on “Just a Tip

  1. Don’t just love how little stories like that just keep living on and on and on. However, I do think that you made up for it a few years back when you bought me that Margarita at your sister’s favorite “Mexican” food restaurant. I still like bringing it up though. 🙂 But just for clarification sake for those who weren’t there this is how that conversation went:

    me: “Hey aren’t you Kathy’s sister?”

    Daina: “Yeah, do you know her?”

    me: “Yeah, she is a good friend of mine. Do you want me to help you with these groceries?”

    Daina: “Sure, but I’m not tipping you.”

    Still funny! I agree you with you 100% about the tip jar in your face. They are everywhere nowadays. However, by your logic, I was helping you feed you children by expediting your food from the store to the car, soooooooo I should have been given a tip. But that is neither here nor there. 🙂

    You must keep up with this blog, I so enjoy my daily dose of Ladd sarcasm!

    Next time you are in town, no excuses, we will have to meet up.

  2. I am with you, girl! If you make minimum wage, you are not getting a tip from me. I waited tables for 4 yrs. and made $2.13/hr. So tips were part of my wages. But for skating out about 20 feet to hand me my Rt. 44–I think not. Although I think if I ever go back to teaching other people’s children (oh God, please don’t make me) I will have a tip jar. And I will make the kids use their lunch money to leave me a nice little tip.

  3. I was thinking about this blog last night. What are your thoughts on tipping your hair dresser? I’m going to go see one this Friday and I know that I’ve got to give her something – but how much? How does all that work?…

  4. kelli, kelli, kelli…advice on a blog from daina, really?
    you could google some things, you know?
    i think it’s same as waiting tables…like 20%…sad, but true…and you don’t want bad hair, so DO IT.

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