Resolution Rush

You see, I’ve been saving my New Year Blog, just like I’ve been avoiding the gym, all for good reason…

Waiting for the resolution rush to die down …urban dictionary defines it well….

the rush of people who swarm the gym, and other excersise places, in the weeks after new years. usually subsides quickly
so, I’m off to a late start…my holidays last a little longer than others, but here I am, all excited about 2009, mostly become 2008 is over.  Another year of watching my kids get older and seeing where this life takes me 🙂
I am resolving to do a couple of things…crazy, mommy things, like keep my house in order…the chaos in my life around kids, family, finances, needs a quiet place.  I”m going to make my home a fun and relaxing place for my kids, my husband, and especially me. 
The living room is for family actitivies (except rock band because there is nothing calming about rock band), their bedrooms will be a haven for them to read, do homework, play with their friends and still find a place to put away their things ON THEIR OWN.  My bedroom will become a place for sleep and intimacy (sorry if that’s too much info).  No family pictures, no TV, no laptop work or phone.
OK…and all that will happen probably around the time I lose the weight that I keep meaning to lose every year 🙂 hee hee…
but over the last two years, I have gradually taken a better shape and worked out more often in an effort to become healthier and more energetic for myself and fam…that will continue and hopefully sooner than later.  CHEERS to the 30 min. Curves workout.
I also have an odd resolution…I love getting real mail with my name on it and have decided to try to do that for others…
I get up early every morning and often think of the day or week before and how grateful I am to have such incredible friends and family and think of ways to thank them and then remember that we have a very low budget for buying things for everyone.
Sometimes, just putting it on paper is such powerful thing.
I got an email last week from a friend reminding me just who I am and what I do and it was powerful.
So reminders in writing seem like time well spent for me and others.
On another note, I would like to say that it’s my birthday tomorrow….35 years of Daina 🙂
I’m so excited. I love 30 something!!!  I’m enjoying the years of NOT being asked, “is this your first child?”, “have you ever cooked this before?”, “can I see some ID?” hee hee
On my birthday (now that I have kids), I want to thank my mom for all she did for me!!! The pain, the labor, the vomitting, the hormone adjustments, the nights up, the fevers, the school years, and good Lord Almighty, the teenage years!  Cheers to MOMS and especially mine who 35 years ago was about to adjust to have two children instead of just one 4 year old boy…and then later gave me my best, best friend in the world, my sister.  Thanks MOM and happy middle child birthday to YOU, Martha Lea!!!
So I will say, as the religious and MK sales force is oversaying, I will SHINE in 2009.  God hold my hand again through another year, guide me through a million more decisions.
Bless all the MOMs out there and all my friends and family!
I promise to keep smiling thru 2009 if nothing else…I can resolve to that…(I’ll call the dentist soon to ensure this …)
Here we gooooooooo……

2 thoughts on “Resolution Rush

  1. That was inspiring. I also felt the same way about the hooplah of the New Years’ reolutions (i.e. wiating for them to die down while I considered my resolutions)
    But you have some serious things to consider and some great ideas that can work.
    Now, getting to them requires patinece and lack of emotion! Can you do it? Now thata girl, Gig ’em! See you soon friend! Maybe I’ll do another blog very soon. Yeah, I think so…

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