REALLY???? part one

Ok, I’m trying to not use this blog to nag on my kids, but man…I need to type this out and take deep breaths. 

Last year, I learned to make this great homemade macaroni and cheese…even baked it in the oven with bread crumbs (ONCE).  That time, only the boys ate it. Girls didn’t like, but ate by force (which is still a success in my book).

So the next time, I just made with without the bread crumbs.  Everyone loved it!  It was a huge success.

I guess with the excitement, I made it too often and they got tired of it.  uggg.  Back to the drawing board.  Chef Mom subbed in some other carbs and potatoes and noodle dishes and suffered thru the dislikes and fits over new and “weird” looking food.  One kid would love it, one would cry, and other would eat it counting bites asking everytime if that was enough!!!

Recently, I made the homemade (awesome) mac-n-cheese cause it was stuff I had here and didn’t have to go to the store.  Most everyone was ok with having it around again, but my Littlest Angel has made it VERY clear that she would only like to eat the REAL macoroni and cheese.  At first we thought it was funny.  But now she has asked for the REAL mac n cheese almost everyday.

Littlest Angel (5 years old…child C) and I went to the grocery store this morning and she saw the Kraft mac n cheese and got so excited.  I told her she could have a box and low and behold, as soon as we got in the car, she asked for the REAL mac and cheese when we got home.

Now as the commercial says “I got the blues”.

REALLY???? the real stuff…no wonders mothers haul off and do crazy things, trying to be organic and healthy and their kids calling the blue boxes the “real” stuff.  So funny, but not.

So for my REALLY??? segment (yes from Sat. Night Live) and my favorite response to life in general, I want to talk to kiddos.

The “real” food in the blue box…REALLY????

News flash, little Gall’s…hardly ever is the REAL thing in the BOX.

AND to top this off, thru this last few years of trying to teach a family to eat healthy together, my family has all lost more weight than I have …REALLY????

It’s because they refuse to eat vegetables without counting the bites before they can be excused, and the “chicken” which we call EVERY meat to get them to eat, isn’t shaped like a McDonald’s nugget.

My concern for anyone who has read this stupid RANT this far, will children actually starve themselves instead of giving in to not eating out of boxes????

This is sewious…as the little wonder pets proclaim…”we have to help them” 🙂

Not to mention their sweet mommies blood pressure is steady rising with every meal I trash.

PS… Some of these issues apply to most treasured child (darling husband). 🙂  REALLY?????



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