Mean Mean People

This is my blog about a mean man in my neighborhood. 

I live across the street from a Driving School (remaining nameless to protect the innocent).  We often sit on the front porch and watch these new drivers make their minutes of practice add up with their instuctors in their cute cars (which by the way, when did the driver’s ed cars get so cute??)  We see them often as we run errands and such.  It’s precious.

So, tonight, I pull out to turn onto the main street.  On a side street is a sweet two door (nice) Honda from the driving school with a blinker going waiting for me to pass.  Behind the “Learner Girl” is a big abnoxious TX truck and he’s HONKING at her because she missed the opportunity to pull out.

REALLY, big truck dude??? REALLY? Do we want to freak our “learner girl” in our neighborhood?  And seriously, do you think you are helping with her education?

So, when “Big Truck Dude” finally got to where he was turning out behind me…I was a little busy and forgot to pay attention to the traffic.  But once he honked, oops…I payed better attention and waved a big smile and thank you!

SO, my we wonder why we can’t send our kids out to play in our neighborhoods any more?  Big Truck Dude got on my nerves tonight.  Settle down big truck dude.  We will all get there.  It will be fine!

Cheers to where ever BIG Truck Dude had to go tonight…and happy test taking to “Learner Girl.”


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