Again…I’m trying this

why would you use strike through? Just wondering?

So, I’m trying to blog again, I’m being random in case no one cares or it doesn’t even post right.

So I sell make up.  Have done it for years.  I keep seeing this commercial for the Revlon custom color foundation when you just dial in your color at the top…REALLY? So let’s google that and price it.  Be right back.  LONG PAUSE (but not for you because you are reading)….

Ok, sweet friends.  This is sold in drug stores and retails for 13.99. REALLY? and if you are a lighter or darker shade it will only use up THAT side of the bottle and oops it won’t need to blend the other side, so you need to buy another one sooner?  It’s just usually true that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?

So if you try out some Mary Kay foundations, with ANY MK lady, you can RETURN the ones that don’t match or you don’t like and try another one.  How fabulous is that?

Alright…the commercial ended like 5 minutes ago.  Therefore, I digress.

Hey…did you know how much it cost to “fix” a kitten? ALOT.

And if you have two…double ALOT.

And if you have kids…you can’t leave the cats at the vet instead of paying…heehee.

It’s almost fair time.  Here comes BIG TEX

One more thing…for the random, untitled blog…

I wish my sister would call me.


2 thoughts on “Again…I’m trying this

  1. OK, that last part was pitiful. I’m pretty sure it was just one day I didn’t call you back. And it will never happen again. Well, not on purpise at least. 🙂 I love you, and your foundation. Maybe I should sell it too!!

  2. So, that MK return thing is pretty fabulous and the fair coming is also fabulous! But, that cat fixing thing- I’m not so sure about that…

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